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Impact Nets


Impact nets are commonly used with Golf Cages to absorb the majority of the golf ball’s impact, thus extending the life of the cage. Baffles are generally hung inside the cage one foot from the back wall, with about one foot of overlap on the ground.

  • Vinyl borders with grommets along one edge spaced every 12″ for hanging.
  • Made of a durable mesh and designed for durability and longevity.
  • Made in the USA.


Duluth Nets offers many different sizes of baffles in the following types of netting:

  • Knotless Nylon, 1/8″ Square Archery netting
  • Knotted Nylon, 3/4″ Square, 165 lb tensile strength
  • Knotless Nylon, 1″ Square, 150 lb tensile strength
  • Polyester Netting, 1″ Square, 130 lb tensile strength


Net coat treatment is recommended for any nets that will be left outside.

Custom rigging including cables, rings, and snap links are available. Request a quote for more information and custom pricing.


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