Net Information

Duluth Nets carries a wide range of netting, the following information is to assist you in determining what might work best for you.

If you do not see what you are looking for please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

Small Mesh Nylon Netting

We stock several different sizes of small mesh nylon netting ranging in size from no-see-um insect netting up to 1″. We carry several sizes in different strengths.  All sizes are in square mesh.

Knotless Netting

Size not to scale.

Knotted vs. Knotless Netting

Netting comes with and without a knot at the twine intersections.  Knotted netting tends to be stronger than knotless of the same size. Knotless netting is much less abrasive than knotted netting which may be viewed as being less harmful to fish. Check out our fish nets to see more. 

Duluth Nets carries a large assortment of both nettings to best fit your needs.

Knotted vs. Knotless

Net Coating

Nylon netting is susceptible to degradation from ultraviolet rays produced by sunlight. We offer a water-based treatment that provides netting with an additional level of protection and durability against ultraviolet degradation. The treatment also has properties to prevent plant and algae grown on the netting.

The net coat can be applied to fishing and sports nets. Our protective net coating comes in black.

Net treatment will extend the life of your fishing or sports netting significantly.

We also dye white netting a variety of colors including green, blue, brown, and black, however, the dye does not provide the same protection as net treatment.


Net Measurements

Netting can be measured in a variety of ways. The common methods are by square, bar, or stretch size. It is important to distinguish the difference when placing orders or discussing products. Square Mesh Measurement (same as Bar Size) – the actual size of the square mesh as it lays open or the distance between knots. Stretch Mesh Measurement – twice the length of square or bar measure. Length of 1 mesh when pulled tight and mesh is collapsed.

Net Measurements

Diamond vs. Square


Duluth Sport Nets Square vs. Diamond