Large Ball Netting


5″ Square #21 Black Knotted Netting

We stock 5″ square #21 Black Knotted Nylon for a variety of large ball barrier net applications. This netting is very popular for large ball barrier netting in gymnasiums, and other athletic complexes. Our black nylon netting is very durable and will outlast many other types of poly netting. Duluth Sport Nets barrier netting is perfect for soccer, volleyball, football , and other large ball sports. Our knotted nylon netting is designed for durability and longevity both indoors and in harsh outdoor weather.

We will help you decide the best options for your needs and custom design a large ball barrier net to meet them. All our nets our designed and manufactured in the USA.

Contact Us or Request a Quote, we look forward to helping you with a custom net that fits your needs.

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